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Descriptive Statists and Interpretation


September 14 2015

Descriptive Statistics

Sales based on Rental Class (in USD)

The distribution is normally distributed.

Central Tendency: Mean = 42.84 dollars.

Dispersion: Standard deviation = 9.073 dollars.

Count: 100

Min/Max: Min is $23.00; Max is $64.00

Confidence Interval (alpha = 0.05): $41.06 to $44.62

The histogram is present in Appendix A; the descriptive statistics are present in Appendix B.


The distribution is not normally distributed.

Central Tendency: Median = 35 years

Dispersion: Interquartile Range = 12 years / 2 = ± 6 years

Count: 100

Min/Max: Min is 25 years; Max is 50 years

Confidence Interval: The data is not normally distributed, therefore there is no confidence interval

The histogram is present in Appendix A; the descriptive statistics are present in Appendix B; the scatterplot relating age and sales is in Appendix C.

Sex of Renter

Thirty-four percent of the people sampled were female on display while sixty-six percent of people sampled were male renters. The bar chart is in Appendix E.

Descriptive Statistics Interpretation


One hundred people were randomly selected, and their sales were measured. Their sales were observed between $23.00 and $64.00. Sales were broken down as $23.00 being the economy size vehicle or the smallest vehicle in the rental car class and up, $64.00 was the luxury vehicle rental price. The average sales were $42.84,which was the full size vehicle, with a standard deviation of $9.07. Approximately half or more of the data values are above $42.84. There is enough evidence to say that the population sales amount lies between $41.06 and $44.62 with 95% confidence. This indicates both male and female tend to rent the full size or premium size vehicle, based on the price of the vehicle.


The data is not normally distributed and is skewed to the left. One hundred people male and female were randomly selected, and their ages were measured. Their ages were between 25 and 50 years, with a variation of ± 6 years. Half of the people’s ages lie above 35 years. The middle half of the peoples’ ages are between 28 and 40 years. The mode, or the most frequent age, was 25 years.


Sales and Age Histograms


Descriptive Statistics on Sales and Age


Scatterplot of Age versus Sales


Bar chart for ID on Display

Bin Frequency

0 34

1 66

More 0


represents 0, or not on display

1-2 represents 1, or on display

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