Make a list of the major deliverables for the project and use them to develop a draft of the work breakdown structure for the


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Chapter 4

Make a list of the major deliverables for the project and use them to develop a draft of the work breakdown structure for the tournament that contains at least three levels of detail. What are the major deliverables associated with hosting an event like soccer?

Hosting a soccer event requires a number of deliverables. These include training kits, uniforms, trophies or medals, fields and referees.

Holding a soccer tournament

A field, referees, t- shits and sweatshirts

Trophies or medals

Training uniforms

How would developing a WBS alleviate some of the problems that occurred during the first meeting and help Nicolette organize and plan the project?

The WBS can be extremely useful in solving most of the problems Nicolette faced during the meeting. This is because it defines all of the project’s elements in a hierarchal structure or framework and establishes the relationship of these elements to the end items of the project. It helps by breaking up a large work package into smaller work packages, which facilitates cost evaluation, evaluation of technical performance and time at all levels. The WBS also helps by providing information about each work level. It also helps by defining channels of communication and helps in the understanding and coordination of different part of the mission.

Where can Nicolette find additional information to help her develop a WBS for the tournament?

Additional information for the project can come from action items, project status reports, gating decisions, changes in scope, deliverable issues, milestone reports, team status meetings and accepted request changes.

How could Nicolette and her task force use the WBS to generate cost estimates for the tournament? Why would this be useful information?

The use of WBS provides project managers with opportunities to sum the actual cost and budget of larger elements of work and smaller packages of work so that one can measure and access the performance by work accomplishment and organizational units.

Chapter 5

At this point, what would you do if you were the project manager?

If I was the manager of the plan, I would change the scope of the project. Since the project has a high potential to be profitable, I would not cancel it but change it scope to fit in with the new estimates.

Was top management acting correctly in developing an estimate?

Yes. This is because estimates are essential in making excellent and viable decisions. They are also essential to schedule or plan work. Estimates are needed to determine the profitability or viability of a project, they are also essential for creating cash flow needs. Estimates are extremely beneficial to projects and the top management acted correctly in developing one.

What estimating techniques should be used for a mission critical project such as this?

For this project phase, estimating is suitable. This is because the project has considerable level of uncertainty and because it is impractical to estimate costs and times for the whole project. This estimating method makes use of a 2- estimate system over the project’s lifetime. An estimate that is detailed is made for the immediate phase or stage and a macro estimate is developed for the rest of the project’s phases. This estimating process is above the rest especially for this project because of its consideration of the complexities faced in a project.

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