died from age 17-30. 22% of drivers killed in road accidents in 2009 were drunk and, most were age 17-30. Women were less prone to accidents than men (John, Hopkin, Groom & Skes, 2010).


The research done is to access accidents caused by drunken college student in Great Britain. The method used was the qualitative analysis to know how many people die of drinking and driving at the same time how group according to age. This will help to find a solution to reduce alcohol intake among the most affected group which happens to be the age group of 17-24. The Respondents selected were to fill quotas based on reported recent drinking and driving behavior, gender and age.

Main Analysis 

Driving after drinking behavior Achieved sample

Stopped and tested over the limit in the last 3 months

14 men 6 women

13 were below 30 and 7 were above

Driven after drinking at least once within the past 6 weeks thinking they might be over the limit

10 men and 8women

8 were below 30 and 10 were above

Driven after drinking at least once within the past 6weeks thinking they were under the limit on any such occasion.

6 men and 6 women

6 were below 30 and 6 were above

The table below shows the summary of the achieved sample in terms of the main selection variables

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