Is it Wrong or Good to Believe God Exists

Is it Wrong or Good to Believe God Exists?

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Is it Wrong or Good to Believe God Exists?

The theme of God’s existence has been discussed far and widely since time immemorial. Many people argue that God exists while others say that God does not exist. Each of these arguments has impacts in the spiritual life of the people involved. In all these scenarios, everybody is ready to offer facts to support their arguments. This essay entails some of the reasons to believe that God exists and that it is good to believe in God’s existence.

Arguments Supporting God’s Existence

The Ontological Argument: This argument originates from Archbishop of Canterbury who describes the argument to support God’s existence. He considers God to be the greatest is to be conceived and justifies that if there is nothing human beings can conceive to be greater than God is. Anything that can be conceived in mind must exist in reality and therefore just as God exists in mind, so he does exist in reality. To drive the point home, Anselm uses the analogy of the painting work and the paint. He asks which of the two is great, and obviously, it is the painting. He concludes to say, “Just as the painting exists not only exists in mind but in reality, so does God CITATION Cri17 l 1033 (Apologist, 2017).

Cosmological Argument: This argument brings in the concept of the Bing Bang theory which Aquinas uses to pin down the scientists. Yes, the scientists claim that they do not believe in the creation theory but rather the Bing Bang theory, but they forget that they did not provide explanations for the powers that were behind the theory. What we can deduce is that the forces behind the theory were so powerful, eternal, and metaphysical. So to say, the force that was behind the theory mimicked the same qualities of God. Further argues that in the world there is motion, and the mover of the motion cannot be moved as well. So for the motion to take place, the first thing is that the mover must be unmoved and this mover is God.

The Moral Argument: Close to all human beings have the sense to know what is wrong and what is right. In as much as people would like to oppose the truth, there is an internal feeling that gives a sense of what is moral. Any normal human being will frown there are various human atrocities like rape and murder. Just as a law of nature, all normal human being have the norm of reciprocity where humans feel to pay back to those who gave to them. Any sound human being would value generosity, love, appreciation, kindness among other good traits. Atheists will argue that human beings behave so because that is how we evolved and that communities which had such traits were successful compared to those who opposed values. Their argument has failed as communities like Boko Haram have not failed despite their opposition CITATION Cri17 l 1033 (Apologist, 2017). The atheists’ evolutionary arguments as well fail because not all animals have the same morals as human beings, yet they consider human beings to be animals. Craig then puts it clearly that there is an infinite, eternal mind in an unknown place, who is the source of our reasoning capability and that it God. If God was not existing, then objective moral values could not be heard of, but since the moral values exist, God also exists.

Christianity has survived all the Substantial odds: The world has had may Kings and rulers of the land consisting of great women and men since time immemorial. But among all these rulers, only one leader has reigned, still rains and will forever reign; that is the Jewish carpenter by the name Jesus Christ who was born in a humble background. Jesus’ case is a unique one as compared to cases where others rulers ruled their kingdoms. Jesus was a king who did not have the resources that a normal King should have. He was a very humble king as he made friends with people from humble backgrounds as he did with his disciples. When Jesus sent his disciples to go and make disciples and baptizes them in the name of the Trinity, most of them saw it impossible to convince people, but with God nothing is impossible. At the end of the mission, many people got saved and baptized manifesting the great people of God CITATION Cri17 l 1033 (Apologist, 2017). This argument can be backed up with the increasing number of Christians in the world despite its humble beginning. It has beaten all odds and risen to the point that it is the world’s top religion all this manifesting the Power of God.

Embarrassing Testimony: In most cases, authors of different books would not love to include embarrassing testimonies in their books just to sell to their followers easily. Even though there are numerous examples in the Bible that support embarrassing testimony like Peter denying Jesus in Mark 14:66-72. There is the story of a demon-possessed man in Mark 3:22 and there is an account of a prostitute who uses her hair to clean the feet of Jesus which some might group as sexuality. Women were also not considered in the society during those days and were given very fewer privileges CITATION Cri17 l 1033 (Apologist, 2017). The Jewish who wrote the bible were so honest in their writings and included the accounts of all the embarrassing testimonies that most writers do not love to include in their writings. The availability of these testimonies in the bible makes it be one of the books with sincere authors hence raising its validity.

Extra-Biblical Testimony: Atheists are funny in a sense that they require extra-biblical evidence to believe in God’s existence as if the Biblical evidence is not enough to convince them. They do not put into account that the New Testament and the whole Bible had numerous writers who often at times wrote about the same instances in the bible. Unlike books written by independent authors, they cannot be trusted since nobody is there to site the same facts they wrote. For the case of the Bible, it is a historical text that links to each other and what authenticates its content is how different writers, in different times, and different venues write about the same content. It is witnessed by the gospel writers who wrote most of the accounts that took place in a way that there was no contradiction.

Early Christian Bravery: One of the brave Christians is Paul who began the mission as Saul and persecuted Christians until he met Jesus on his way to Damascus. He got converted and started preaching the good acts of God in his life. He is a good writer of the books in New Testament that amount to almost 13 books CITATION Cri17 l 1033 (Apologist, 2017). He did not leave serving God; he endured many beatings, and torture in the prisons until Nero in Rome beheaded him. James too was a brave man of God even though he wanted to stop Jesus from ministering until he witnessed Jesus rise from the dead. He later became a writer of the book of James in the Bible. Peter too who denied Jesus three times later became a strong Christian and wrote the Book of 1st and 2nd Peter. All these were brave men of God among others who served God diligently even though they were murdered.


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