Irving and Poe Writing Styles

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Irving and Poe Writing Styles

Irving and Poe were both authors who demonstrated the writing style of the Romantic period. The two had numerous comparisons, and nonetheless, they possessed even more dissimilarities, in both writing the subject as well as style. All this is apparent in their writings, “The fall of the House of Usher,” written by Poe and in “Rip Van Winkle,” by Irving. They both apply their inordinate aptitudes to take and guide the readers into the story. It is evident that Edgar Poe contributed a lot to the revolution of the short story for example from a tale to an art. He effectively generated the detective story and improved the psychological thriller (Poe, 2018). Correspondingly he created some of the most significant fictional criticism during his period. Therefore his contributions are strong theoretical statements on poetry as well as the short story, and thus this has resulted in a positive worldwide influence on literature. He assisted in pioneering the short story through the use of prevailing plus innovative essentials whereby he afterward revolutionized literature.

The differences between Irving and Poe are that Irving typically applied humor in his works whereas Poe applied horror. An instance of Irving applying humor is his explanation of Rip developing some asleep from the alcohol consumption for about twenty years when met the Dutchmen. On the contrary, Poe took the more morbid method of nightmare, evil, death, and crime towards his writings (Irving, 2014). He did this by exploiting the fear that is in each of every person by bringing horrific actions and imaginations in his writings. Consequently, Poe implements the Gothic method in composition, by captivating a full benefit of gothic subject matter, fundamentals and some conspiracies besides lingering on murder, violence as well as insanity. A classical piece of this type is “The Fall of the House of Usher,” which presents a distressing atmosphere, man’s psychological terror and the dark plot to disclose the procedure of disintegration plus obliteration of the humanoid mind (Poe, 2018).

The two authors use distinctions of classic goliath writing in their workings. The two significant features of the goliath in literature are the use of colors, precisely black, red plus white besides the depiction of supernatural concepts or beings in daily life. All these are evident in both the authors’ writings. Poe has used colors in his writings and also uses supernatural notions as convincing forces that interrelated with their characters. In his short story “The Fall of the House of Usher,” Poe uses both the interplay of dark and light colors and also moods plus supernatural ideas. In “The Legend of the Sleepy Hollow, Irving exhibits Crane riding home through the woods where he is continually showing the shifting shadows as well as the interplay of light plus dark in the trees (Irving, 2014). Moreover, the whole story is based on beliefs in ghosts plus supernatural beings. Therefore in both of these stories by these two authors, they have applied gothic in a significant manner as they have used color, the interplay of dark plus light as well as supernatural beliefs and ideas.


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