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Module 03 Coding Assignment – Alice Hale Directions: The purpose of this assignment is for you to exhibit your critical thinking skills through a coding medical case(s). Your professor will evaluate your answers for coding guideline usage, communication from individual perspective, coding abstraction and sequencing.  Please list all answers in the appropriate boxes listed below the questions.1. In the family history section of the history and physical report the physician has documented, “Family history is positive for carcinoma. Maternal grandmother died from breast carcinoma.” Should this be coded why or why not? Provide a coding guideline that supports your answer.2. It has been documented that the patient has been admitted for right mastectomy. Do you agree that this should be the principal diagnosis? Explain.3.Please provide all appropriate codes and give the proper sequence of the codes listed. List the      pathways for each code below.4. Documentation shows in the operative report that Alice had a Right mastectomy with bilateral breast reconstruction. Given that the appropriate procedure(s) has been listed in question 3, please provide a coding guideline that helps supports your answer in number 3.

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