Business assessment

Hi guys I need help with my business assessment,There are three word documents, needs to be filled up.!!!!More informations you find in them.Its quite easy, but don’t have  time to do it.Scenario:Maria is an international student, who will be studying at Lonsdale Institute in Australia. She just arrived to Australia from her home country (China) yesterday and seeking your help for deciding the right phone plan for herself. She would like to have a smart phone, but she is not fussy about the brands. She does not want to spend more than $50 per month and has $300 to purchase a smart phone outright but would prefer if she doesn’t have to spend that money. Currently, she does not have a mobile phone number. She will be using the phone for calling her friends in Australia and back home talking to her family and friends. She is also a very heavy user of social media and would like to have loads of data in her plan as she is not sure about getting internet at home yet. Compare at least three suitable plans in and phones in Australia for Maria and advise her which one she should go ahead with.

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