You’re conducting a survey to determine how many alcoholic beverages students from the local university consume per week.

You’re conducting a survey to determine how many alcoholic
beverages students from the local university consume per
week. To avoid having a biased sample, you decide to
A. include the same proportion of males and females as found
in the student population as a whole.
B. survey students who are members of fraternities and
sororities and none from the academic clubs.
C. have members of local law enforcement administer the
survey to the students.
D. post your survey on the college Web site to ensure a
representative sample of the college population.
3. You’ve developed an interest in studying the ways in which lab rats respond to each other and
their environments. You frequently reward the rats with food pellets for playing with the toys
you put in their cages. Chances are you’re adopting the _______ view of psychology.
A. humanistic C. behaviorist
B. biopsychological D. cognitive
4. According to Erik Erikson, the first psychosocial dilemma faced by a newborn is gaining
a sense of
A. trust. C. intimacy.
B. autonomy. D. identity.
5. In your endocrine system, the pineal gland is primarily responsible for controlling
A. salt balance and stress levels.
B. body rhythms and sleep cycles.
C. other endocrine glands.
D. metabolism rates.
6. Your six-year-old son has been diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
(ADHD). The doctor tells you that a common way to control the disorder is to
A. reduce the amount of sugar in his diet.
B. enroll him in a school that specializes in learning disorders.
C. decrease the number of hours he spends per night doing homework.
D. start him on a prescription of the stimulant drug Ritalin.
7. The frontal lobes of the cerebral cortex are related to higher mental functioning as the
occipital lobe is related to
A. speech impairment.
B. temperature and other bodily sensations.
C. instinct.
D. vision.
8. If a parent gives his or her child food to compensate for not showing enough love, the
child may eventually have problems with the feeding disturbance called
A. pica. C. anorexia nervosa.
B. overeating. D. bulimia nervosa.
9. You’re driving along a busy stretch of highway when an insect smacks against the
windshield. Although you’re safely on the other side of the glass, you flinch because the
bug’s impact startles you. Which part of the limbic system is responsible for your reaction?
A. Hippocampus C. Amygdala
B. Thalamus D. Hypothalamus
10. According to Kohlberg, moral evaluations based on “good guys and bad guys,” traditional
morality, and “a law is a law” fall into the _______ category.
A. preconventional C. conventional
B. unconventional D. postconventional
11. Regarding an experiment I conduct with human subjects, which of the following
statements is most accurate?
A. Values for my dependent and independent variables must be measured only in my
experimental group.
B. The people in my control group will need to be very much like the people in my
experimental group.
C. The independent variable I select may be caused by the dependent variable.
D. The people in my control group must know they’re in a control group, while those
in the experimental group must think only they’re in a control group.
12. If you decide to become a professional psychologist, you’re statistically most likely to end
up specializing in
A. experimental research. C. health psychology.
B. clinical psychology. D. counseling psychology.
13. The resting potential of a neuron refers to its
A. potential for opening ion channels.
B. normal and basic electrical charge.
C. potential impulse charge in millivolts.
D. inactivity during impulse transmission.
14. Studying 130 students in a large high school, I find that student intelligence scores tend
to be higher as the reported income of their parents increases. Evaluating my findings in
terms of correlation, I can safely say that
A. higher income levels for parents produce higher intelligence scores for their children.
B. a correlation coefficient of +.90 or higher between IQ and parental income indicates
that prosperity produces higher intelligence.
C. a positive correlation exists between student IQ scores and parental income.
D. higher income levels for parents aren’t related to the intelligence scores of
their children.
15. Which of the following groups is most affected by empty nest syndrome?
A. Women who define themselves primarily as wives and mothers
B. Women who are suffering from menopause
C. Women who have raised two or more children
D. Women who try to balance parenting with a career outside the home
16. Because major nerves cross over each other beneath the cerebrum, your left brain is likely
to be associated with your right hand as well as with
A. language. C. instinct.
B. pattern recognition. D. spatial relationships.
17. You’re trying to understand how boys and girls interact in a play situation. With parental
approval, you arrange to observe five girls and five boys—all between ages five and six—

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