hat effect might the trend toward outsourcing have on the economy of India? What effect might this trend have on the economy of the United States?
October 24, 2018
The method of investigation, or Procedure, is next. This section contains the circuit diagrams along with a general description of the procedure.
October 24, 2018

Write a 2500-word (guideline) essay on one of the following questions:1.

Write a 2500-word (guideline) essay on one of the following questions:1. Critically analyse the reasons why people take drugs.In this essay you will need to explore reasons why people take drugs, examine prevalence rates, and evaluate theories of addiction. You could also include attitudes to drug taking, within different arenas such as public, government and media.2. Critically analyse the relationship between eithera) drugs and crime or b) drugs in prisonIn either of these questions there should be links made between drugs and crime. The theoretical understanding of these links need to be established and also some attempt at establishing how intervention may (or may not) work in this regard.3. Choose a type of drug (legal or illicit) and critically explore and analyse the interventions which may be applied when its use becomes problematic.For this essay you initially need to explore the meaning of problematic drug use in defining your terms. You also need to examine the associated issues linked to this ‘problematic’ use and how this may impact upon the individual, family, community and/or society. What routes of intervention may be taken and assess the relative effectiveness of this, suggesting alternative interventions (if possible) from other countries or from reading you may have done.


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