World Music Paper

Create a 10-song world music playlist.

Each song you choose should represent a different country and music style.
Include at least 3 traditional songs
Include 2 weblinks.
Streaming link to each song (youtube, SoundCloud, band/artist website)
Purchase link (download or physical) to each song (iTunes, Amazon, etc.)
Do not use any songs/tracks used in class.

Song Title:
Artist/Band Name:
Genre of Music:
Link to song:
Where to purchase the song:
Description of the song (in complete sentences describe the musical elements heard-featured instruments, singing style, tempo, dynamics, languages used, etc.)

My music playlist:

  1. Hawaiian Drum-Dance
  2. Thai Piphat
  3. Beijing Opera
  4. Gagaku Court Music
  5. The Islamic call to prayer
  6. Flamenco
  7. Jali with Kora
  8. Samba
  9. Mariachi
  10. African American Spiritual

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