Assignment ContentImagine you have been asked to give a presentation at a health care expo about consumers and their health care choices. To accomplish this presentation, you have decided to select a health care company or product to use as an example during your presentation.Choose 1 of the following companies or products to use in your presentation:Health spa launching a new weight loss treatmentInsurance company launching a new medical product for the exchangeHospital system launching a new diabetes programMedical device manufacturer launching a new metal alloy prosthesisA company and product of your own choice with approval from your instructorCreate a 12- to 15-slide presentation that includes the following:Section 1: General Company or Product InformationDescribe the health care company or product.Describe the value of the services offered by your health care company or product.Section 2: Consumer InformationAnalyze how consumers share health information through the company or the product.Analyze the implications of communication methods used when sharing health information.Consider communication from physicians, pharmacies, and consumers when information is shared.Section 3: Impact of Outside AgenciesAnalyze the impact government agencies have on services companies offer or products that are available to the health care consumer.Section 4: Impact of RegulationsAnalyze the effect of health care reform on the health care consumer who uses the selected company or product.Section 5: Anticipating the Changing MarketExplain how consumers’ options for health care are changing.Consider if it will have an impact on the use of the company or product selected.Explain how you will ensure the selected health care company or product will be relevant and engaging to the consumer over time.Consider how advances in technology and medicine may influence the use of the company or product over time.Cite 3 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references according to APA guidelines.Include a title slide, a references slide, and speaker notes.

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