Why Brown – Good Answers

Why Brown – Good Answers

Entrepreneurs, unless they can get into a top-flight school. While I do not completely agree with Lesser in that regard, I do understand the value In attending an elite college. The professors, faculty, alumni, and current students are significantly more likely to be successful and have valuable connections at an Ivy League institution than at a middling state school. The networking aspect of an elite college is priceless. The only top tier college I can picture myself at is Brown.

Brown is considered y many to be the “Hippy school” of the Ivy’s, and I can see myself fitting in with the student body at Brown very well. But what really sets Brown apart from all other elite institutions of higher education for me is the academics. At Brown, I WOUld be able to create an education made to my exact specifications. Brown offers students the ability to take classes as satisfactory/no credit, which is very important to me.

I do not want to have what I like to call “Grade blinders” on while I am trying to learn something. I understand that grades can be motivating for some, but for me they are a complete distraction.Brown also offers students the ability to take independent study courses, which is how I learn best.

During my gap year have learned significantly more while reading books of my choosing and doing projects such as writing books and building businesses than did my freshman year at Dickinson College. In fact, the program at Brown that am most interested in, Community Health, requires students to do two independent studies if they want to pursue honors. Brown is the only school in the country that has elite networking potential, a non-grade academic option, and a strong independent study program.

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