Which one of the following benefits is the least expensive to an employer? a. life insurance and death benefits

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act requires employers to
a. permit employees time off for all religious obsevances
bl permit employees time off for religious observances if it doesn’t cause a hardship to the business
c. provide holiday pay for all employees on major religious holiday as defined by the employer

2. Employers should treat suspected alcoholism as a
a. performance problem
b. personal problem
c. disciplinary problem
d. predominantly blue-collar problem

3. What type of compensation plan includes base salary, bonuses, stock plans and perquisites?
a. gainsharring
b. combined salary and commission
c. salary incentive
d. Executive

4. At a local manufacturing company, the standard for piecework is 10 shirts per day . Anna Wong constantly produces 15 per day. Because she’s above the standard, she’ll receive a higher rate of pay for all her work. Which incentive plan is she working under?
a. differential peice rate
b. standard piece rate
c. exception bonus rate
d. individual rate pay

5. Which one of the following benefits is the least expensive to an employer?
a. life insurance and death benefits
b. health and medical insurance
c. retirement and savings plan
d. unemployement compensation

6 Which one of the following situations would be considered the highest priority for OSHA inspections?
a. carbon-monoxide poisoning is suspected in the hospitialization of six employees
b. four employees were overcome by fumes and hospitialized
c. OSHA has received three seperate employee complaints about suspected gas leaks
d. a company manufactures hazardous chemicals.

7. A local organization is advertising for a vice president of its HR department. Which of the following is probably going to be the greatest influence on the base salary for that job>
a. the amount of short-term incentives received
b. the amount of long-term incentives received
c. the levels of competitive salaries in the job market
d. the time spent in the occupation

8. Your supervisor loves your work. at you recent performance appraisal, you received a commendation and a one-time increase in pay of $2,000-which was not added to your base salary.. This is an example of which type of incentive plan?
a. lump sum merit pay
b. group incentive plan
c. annual merit raise
d. percentage wage increase

9. The executive team of ICC wants to know which jobs should be paid more than others within the organization. They ask Charlie Rupp, HR manager, to determine the relative worth of ICC jobs. What is Charlie’s task called>?
a. job determination
b. job diagnosis
c. job analysis
d. job evaluation

10…..This one kills me
Company-sponsored nutrition, weight control, and smoking cessation programs are often organized under larger plans known as
a. fitness programs
b. employee assistance programs
c. health service programs
d. wellness programs
c and d are the same thing. the book calls it a health and wellness program?????
anyway, I hate the way some are worded. I need someone else’s help. I always think I will make an A and than I get a 65% or something!!!!!!Help me please….I will tip you
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