What traits are not traits that would blend well with this profession?

  1. What is the best thing about your current profession?

As cliche as it sounds, being able to help other people is the best thing. Especially the client’s who have a success story, it’s so great to see someone grow and know that you were a part of that growth.


  1. What is the biggest negative of your profession?

You have to remember that you can’t save them all. At my first job, I was notified that a client had committed suicide. Sometimes it’s hard to keep work at the office. It takes an emotional toll on you. That’s why self care for psychologists is SO important.

  1. What do you think would be important traits to have to work in this profession?

A genuine heart. Good listening skills. Patience.

  1. What traits are not traits that would blend well with this profession?

An ego. Wanting to one up people. Overly emotional person. Having no emotions at all.

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  1. Do you believe that it is harder to be a recent graduate to succeed in this profession then it was when you started working in this field? Why/why not?

Not at all. There is always a demand for psychologist. Psychology and psychologists can be applied to any job.

  1. What sub fields of psychology interested you initially? Why?

My degree is in forensic psychology. I have a passion in working with people on probation, as I believe they are in a huge transitional period in their lives and would benefit from all the assistance they can get. My second job, I worked with offenders of domestic violence. At my fourth job, I worked in juvenile hall and helped rehabilitate the children who were incarcerated.

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