What relevance did the play “Angels in America” have in American culture?

What relevance did the play “Angels in America” have in American culture?

The Angels in America play have had a
long-lasting impact on American culture. The epic drama focused on the accounts
of two troubled couples, one gay and the other straight. Tony Kushner raised
concerns about several issues that affected the American public. Arguably, the
United States has made significant progress on the topics addressed in the
play. At the time in which the play was produced in 1993, the mainstream
society showed less acceptance on the issue of LGBT rights. The American
culture, at that time, did not embrace same-sex marriages. Besides, the play
also talked about the HIV/AIDS epidemic that terrorized the population (Als).
American society during the Reagan era was conservative, thus put little or no
effort to end the discrimination associated with being gay. The paper provides
a critical analysis of the relevance played by the Angels in America play in American culture. 

controversial film, nevertheless, won several awards because of its popularity.
People who understood these issues welcomed the play asserting the bravery of
the producer to address the real problems in society. The average theatergoer
acknowledged that the play was challenging American citizens to advocate for an
equal and just society. In 1993, few people preferred not to speak about the
rights of the LGBT people (Mcnamara). Without a doubt, the
social themes addressed by the play transformed American society. For instance,
it provided a platform for people to fight for their rights and demand for
non-discriminatory policies as enshrined in the community.

recent times, society have massively transformed compared to when Mr. Kushner
produced the play. In 2015, for instance, the US Supreme Court allowed same-sex
marriages as it claimed that people had a right to marry a person of their
choice despite their gender. Since 1993, celebrities, political leaders, and
even citizens have increased their role in advocating for equal rights in
American society. Most of them have taken a strong stance and continued to
protest against discrimination. Even though the US is yet to attain full
equality, much progress has been made (Mcnamara).

this, it can be argued that Angels in
play influenced the cultural shift in American society. Throughout
history, the theatre has impacted the way of life in the American population in
various ways. Since the premiere of this play, the American culture started to
accept the guarantee of equal rights within the population. Theatre arts have
attained significant progress in transforming the American culture. For
example, plays in theaters have inspired people to demand civil rights and
social justice from the government and its apparatus without exception.
Together with other shows addressing LGBT rights and the AIDs epidemic, it is
believed that Angels in America play
prepared people to start demanding their civil rights. The theatre community
celebrated the beloved art form because, on most occasions, plays influenced
historic cultural changes.

play poses provocative and poignant questions towards the audience. It made
people think about the future of queer people. Because of its themes in history
and futility, Angels in America initiated conversations about the LGBT
community in general. It evident that these themes have been intertwined in the
American public discourse. The US Supreme Court repealed the Marriage Act, and
most states continue to welcome marriage equality. Since the play premiered in
the theatre in 1993, the Congress since then has continued to discuss and
improve the Employment Non-Discrimination legislation (Mcnamara).
Civil rights activists argued that LGBT members should be accorded with equal
rights and freedom as enshrined in the constitution because they are not lesser
beings.  During the period in which
Angels in America premiered, most people found it uncomfortable to talk about
the rights of gays and lesbians, and this led to increased cases of

opposition between status and change is among the prevalent themes depicted by
Kushner in the play. He reveals how the world was full of despair and
desperation and called for the need for change. The play illustrates that human
beings have the behavior of preserving the past and ignoring or suppressing the
future by terming the situation a natural reaction. The progressive values
integrated within the play inspires the US citizens to advocate for democracy
and stay in the frontline to influence the direction of national politics. From
the play, people are challenged to start accepting even the changes that frighten
them, particularly the emergence of a politically active and culturally
accepted gay and lesbian minority (Als).

expounded, the Angels in America play
educated the American public about various issues. The audience learned how
LGBT people are discriminated against and saw the need to demand a just society
from the government. The play has a historical significance in the United
States because of its ability to enlighten the masses. As a result, the play
achieved its purpose to influence a change of behavior in the society, and at
the same time, propagate social and political change. 

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