What is the legislation/policy that will be analyzed in this paper?

HSM 410 Week 7 Course Project

This pack of HSM 410 Week 7 Course Project covers the next issue:

It is expected that the final version of your Healthcare Policy Analysis Paper will be 8-10 pages in length, with 6-8 sources identified. Your paper should be 12-pt. Times New Roman font, double spaced, with standard margins. You should have a thesis statement in your introduction identifying the legislation/policy that your paper will be addressing.

APA in-text citation is required in addition to listing all of your sources on a Works Cited Page at the end of the document. Your grade will be affected if you do not cite or identify your sources correctly.

Below is a list of questions that should be addressed in the body of your paper.

What is the legislation/policy that will be analyzed in this paper?

What is the problem/issue that this legislation attempts to address?

What is the history of the legislation?

Has (or will) the legislation been effective in addressing the problem or issue?

What group(s) of people have been the most affected by the problem?

Is there any information on the future of this legislation? (Revision, obsolete, status of bill, etc.)

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