What is college degrees have you obtained?

articulating questions asked during the interview and the interviewee’s answers must be submitted with each question asked in bold font and the interviewee’s answers in plain font font underneath to separate questions from answers. Type both questions and answers flush with left hand paragraph. Maintain double spacing throughout the paper. Reference the interview only in your abstract as a personal communication. A title page and abstract, but  NO reference list, are required for this paper.  (Consult the OWL reference for the format for a personal communication.) This paper will conclude with two to three substantive paragraphs describing what the student learned during the interview.



  1. What is college degrees have you obtained?
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I have a bachelors degree in Psychology and a Masters and Doctoral degree in Clinical Forensic Psychology

  1. How long have you worked in this particular field?

I have been working as a psychologist for a little over four years now

  1. What other professions have you had?

No career jobs. Mainly customer service and child care.

  1. What do you feel drove you to this profession?

I actually started as a biology major. I wanted to be a pediatrician. However, during my first year of college, I was placed in an Abnormal Psychology course which was paired with Intro to Psychology. I realized I understood psychology more and found passion in helping people through difficult periods in their lives. I took a few more psychology courses to see if I truly was interested in it, and by the end of my freshman year, I switched my major.

  1. What where the requirements educationally to gain this profession?

To be a psychologist, you must have a graduate degree and a doctoral degree. My particular doctoral program did not require you to have a Master’s Degree. The Master’s Degree was awarded after I completed the first phase of my dissertation. However, most people do get their Master’s degree before starting a doctoral degree. (it’s just 2 extra years of school)

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