What does Noddings say about male versus female language when opposing war?

Question 16. 16. According to Gilligan, stages five and six of Kohlberg’s analysis of moral development involve (Points : 1)

an egocentric understanding of fairness

shared conventions of societal agreement

a logic of equality and reciprocity

a disposition of emotional affectivity

Question 17. 17. Which answer best describes Noddings’s statements about how mothers frequently to feel about losing their children in war? (Points : 1)

Mothers rest assured that the deaths of their children was fully justified by the good they did in the war

Mothers often allow their desire to demonstrate patriotism to override their natural opposition to war and the death of their children

Mothers universally oppose war and the death of children that it inevitably brings

Mothers are generally more enthusiastic for war than anyone else because they know it will make the world safer for future generations

Question 18. 18. According to Caroline Heldman, which of the following is a question that applies to her sexual object test? (Points : 1)

Does the image show people having sex?

Does the image show a person as something that can be bought or sold?

Does the image display a full image of a woman?

Does the image display violence against people in the image?

Question 19. 19. In Held’s article, a thinker named Annette Baier claims that the history of Western ethical thought does not take into account feminine aspects because (Points : 1)

The great moral theorists were men who had little intimate interaction with women.

The great moral theorists were often loving husbands.

The great moral theorists hated women.

The great moral theorists

Question 20. 20. What does Noddings say about male versus female language when opposing war? (Points : 1)

Women are more likely to become emotional rather than rational when discussing such matters

Women and men use approximately the same types of language when discussing the horror of death

Men are more likely to speak in the abstract about violence; women are more likely to refer to their own hands on in helping victims of violence
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Women feel that language is irrelevant; it is actions that count

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