Were you required to get any special licensing? Is it required?

  1. Were you required to get any special licensing? Is it required?

In order to call yourself a psychologist in any state, you must be licensed. In order to be licensed, you must take the Examination for the Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP). However, before you take the test, you must meet licensing requirements in whatever state you want to be licensed in. For example, in California, you must have 3000 supervised hours (meaning your internship hours). Once you have 3000 hours (which 1500 must be obtained after you get your doctorate degree), then you are eligible to take the licensing exam.

You don’t have to be licensed, but your chances in finding jobs and making good money are extremely limited. If you have your doctorate degree but are not licensed, you can only call yourself a doctor, not a psychologist.

  1. Do you have any special certifications? If so are the required?

In order to be a domestic violence treatment provider, you have to be certified. I obtained my certificate in 2011. I had to do a 40 hour training.

  1. What kind of work schedule do you have?

Because I work in a private practice, my hours vary by clients. I typically work 40 hours, definitely not more than 45 hours.

  1. Are the progression possibilities in this profession?

I’m at the top of the ladder all I can do is gain more responsibilities.

  1. The Career you currently have do you intend on continuing work there? Why/why not?

Yes, because if I continue to work there, I am eligible for student loan repayment. Which I need because college and grad school were not cheap.

  1. Generally what is the work environment like for an individual working in this profession?

Sometimes it may be sad, since people are coming to you at a time they have hit the lowest points in their life. However, it is very rewarding and if its something you’re passionate about, the environment is what you make of it.

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