Week two Discussion I/O

Week two Discussion I/O

This week, in addition to our core content, we will be discussing here and in our Collaborate Meeting our jobs as scientists to being open to new ideas and rigorous in challenging their validity.

In that spirit, please read this article and review the attached Cognitive Bias graphic. (See attachment if link doesn’t work).

APS Misconceptions.pdf

Part 1: Discuss theory and application (i.e., methods) of assessment in the workplace. Use a real-world example from your experience to help students understand the concepts you discuss.

Please watch this video and reference the topics of validity and reliability in your response (e.g., do you think your example was designed to satisfy these requirements?).


You must use information from the text and one journal research article to support your claims in your initial post and each response.

File The_Cognitive_Bias_Codex_-180+_biases,_designed_by_John_Manoogian_III(jm3) (2).png (924.5 KB)

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