1) Steve is the star quarterback for the local high school football team. one Friday night in a game against the cross – town rivals. he is tackled and breaks his neck. leaving him permanently disabled. Can Steve seek criminal charges against the players who tackled him? Do the players have a legal defense? Explain.2) Same facts as in question 1. This time, however, the play ends without Steve being injured. As Steve is getting up, a member of the opposing team rushes up to him and kicks him in the neck. Steve’s neck is broken. Can Steve seek criminal charges against the player? Does the player have a legal defense? Explain.3) A man goes out to his car and discovers that his key does not fit in the lock. He tries the key several times, then seeing that the back door. When he climbs into the backseat, he realizes that he is in, is actually two spaces down. Has he committed breaking and entering of an automobile? Why and Why not?4) what happens if the defense attorney believes that her client is insane, the defendant’s psychologist believes that the defendant is legally insane, but the defendant does not want to raise the insanity defense?

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