Project Charter (50 points) Click HERE for the Project Charter Template
This week, you will be selecting your project and developing the charter. The following are some possible project ideas. But don’t feel that you are confined to them.

The opening of a coffee shop
A charity event for a local social service agency
A meditation pool and platform in the center of town
A redevelopment of a local playground
Design and installation of a computer network for a small business
Software development project
Think about the following as you select your project.

What is your passion?
What have you been thinking about starting, or what could help you in your current position?
Think about selecting a project that will serve you so that you will be creating a project plan that you can use.
For additional instructions and guidelines, refer to the Course Project Overview page, located under Introduction and Resources.

Your charter should contain the following information.
Please use the template provided in the Files section: filename: MGMT404_Project_Charter_Template_Updated.docx

What is your project going to accomplish?
Project and Product Description
What will this project create? How do you plan on completing the work of this project (high level)?
What objective will be met? Provide a high-level objective statement from a business perspective. For example, how much market share by when?
What are the key milestones?
What has to be accomplished in what order for this project to be successful?
High-level, rough-order-of-magnitude (ROM) budget
User Acceptance Criteria
What are the minimum standards of success as defined by stakeholders, including customers, investors, community, regulatory bodies?
High-Level Assumptions
What statements do you believe to be true or will become true about the project but that you are not sure are true at this time?
High-Level Constraints
What are the limiting factors that affect this project?
Exclusions and Boundaries
What are the boundaries of this project? What will it exclude? For example: There will be no deep fried products for sale in the coffee shop. There will be no desserts for sale in the coffee shop.
Major Risks
What are those uncertain events that may impact this project positively or negatively?
Key Stakeholders
Who are those individuals or groups who are impacted positively or negatively by this project?

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