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March 3, 2019
Explain the e-ERP system implementations in the organisation
March 3, 2019

virtual organization management

virtual organization management


ECOM 425-Virtual Organisation Management

Assignment -1

Course: ECOM 425

Student name:

Academic Year: 1439-1440

Students number:

Semester: 2nd

student grade: (out of 8)

Section: 23081

InstructorName: Signature

Level of the Mark:

Assignment 1 :

The Answers of this Assignment can include Charts,Tables and relevant Snap shots..etc if needed.

Each Individual need to find any One Virtual Organization. With respect to the organisation the following Questions need to be surveyed and answered.


1.About the Virtual Organisation

a. Organisation Name and Profile.(1 Mark)

b.Narrate the benefits of adopting the Virtual process.(1 Mark)

2.Explain the e-ERP system implementations in the organisation. (2 Marks)

3.Which type of virtual Enterprise modeling adopted in your Organisation? Explain. (2 Marks)

4.Compare and contrast your organization with other similar business Virtual Organization’s Implementations. (2 Marks)


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