This week we looked at Russia and China. Once both countries were classified as Communist countries, however today, of the two, only China is still practicing or ruled by pure Communism.In Russia, or the Soviet Union, (1) Vladimir Lenin along with (2) Leon Trotsky are predecessors of (3) Joseph Stalin, and helped establish Communism in Russia. History is very detailed, as well as very interesting, in how a German named (4) Karl Marx and his political views influenced Lenin and Trotsky.To understand the Legal Tradition of the Socialist Law Model research these four people. This will help you understand the differences and dangers of a Socialist life on the common citizen and how those dangers can destroy the American way of life that we cherish and the freedoms we enjoy.The Marxism-Leninism perspective of law is seen as a tool or means to serve the purposes of socialism which is viewed as using laws passed to control the actions of the people (Rule by Law). Socialist law is not meant to establish a rule of law but to guide society towards the Communist ideals. (Comparative Criminal Justice Systems, A Topical Approach, Philip L. Reichel, 5th. Ed. 2008, page 122) Also keep in mind that under Socialism/Communism there is still a Rich Elite Ruling Class that does not share their wealth or social status with the misery of the average citizens.What is the definition of Communism?What is the definition of Socialism?What is the definition of Capitalism?Which of the three do you feel is more efficient, Capitalism, Socialism or Communism and why?Which do you prefer to live under, why?List separately and answer the definitions and questions (5) listed individually by number to get full credit. Do not write a paragraph but number each answer separately.

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