The sterotype i chose was on the case of Harvard not letting asians into the college due to the higher number of asians in the college. i need a piktochart doneFor this assignment you need to do a news media search for data on the diverse group of your choice – this is the diversity group for your team project too. Look for both quantitative and qualitative statistics. Choose a minimum of four data presentations on the diversity group in minimum four different media sources. Display the data you found as an infographics, specifying the source of the data and analytically describing the data.Step-by-step DirectionsDo a web search on the diverse group of your choice. Find articles, which present either quantitative data (e.g. survey results, experiments, regressions, descriptive statistics, etc.) or qualitative data (e.g. interviews, observations, focus groups, etc.) on that group. You can look at any type of sources – business magazines, professional journals, newspapers, social media, blogs, etc.Choose a minimum of four data presentations on the diverse group.The data presentations should bea mix of qualitative and quantitative data.The data should come froma minimum of four different sources.Copy paste the data you select in your infographic project and cite its source. Piktochart is the recommended tool for this project but you can use any other tool you are familiar with. (For a list of free Infographics web tools see Week 2 Resources.)Assess briefly the reliability of each data focusing on whether the source follows the standards to clearly describe the data:Why is the data collected?Who the data refers to?What variables are recorded, if any?Where is the data collected?When was the data collected?How was the data collected?Summarize in one sentence the main message or messages you receive on the diverse group based on the data you presented.

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