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March 3, 2019
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Training Plan

Choose one of the challenges below (or one of your own) as the focus of an HR training or development plan for a department in a health care organization.

Possible challenges:

Teamwork is lacking in some functional units. Many employees are operating as individuals in areas where teamwork is essential. Poor or inadequate goals and objective setting seems to be a key issue.

There is a lack of preparation and orientation for newly hired employees. Many are not prepared for their job within the organization because of inadequate job-related training on company policies or procedures.

Employees appear to be wasting time and working inefficiently. Time management seems to be a problem for many.

Burnout is a very significant issue in the organization, especially among nursing staff. Supervisors are struggling to deal with the issue.

Or choose and define a comparable challenge of your own.

Use the Capella University Library and professional or academic resources on the Internet to research training and development strategies for addressing human resource needs.


Prepare a training and development plan for your chosen challenge that would be appropriate to present for executive approval. Include the following:

A description of how the proposed training addresses the identified challenge within an organization of your choice.

A list of employee types who should be included in the training and why.

A detailed description of the training topics and vector (seminar, online, conference, workshop, brown bag, et cetera). The budget and schedule should accurately reflect this choice.

A budget (personnel, equipment, supplies, et cetera). Make sure to document any assumptions you make.

A schedule with milestones associated with content creation and training delivery.

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