Graduate Level Writing Required.DUE:Friday, January 10, 2020 by 8pm Eastern Standard Time.Background:As a member of the local law enforcement agency you have been selected to present at a town hall meeting. The town hall meeting takes place in acommunity of 220,000 residents. The communityhas a small college, large teaching hospital, and three large public high schools. The community has requested moreinformation on the merits of both private security and public policing.Create: a 12- to 14-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation thatcompares & contrasts the roles, functions, and responsibilitiesof public policing versus private security.Must includeEXTENSIVEspeaker notes on EVERY SLIDE.Address the following:- Similarities between public Police and Private Security.- Differences between public Police and Private Security.- How leadership is different between the two areas, explain the role of both leadership positions.- The relationship between public Policing and security w/ regards to the criminal justice system.- Essential policies for each role in order to enhance homeland securityInclude:Images, charts, and multimediato explain the points of your presentation.-Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.-Provide at least 4 Academic / Scholarly references.-100% Original Work.-Must Be Graduate Level Writing.

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