Hannah Fair

February 27, 2019

Topic Choice Paper

Many people tend to use different drugs for various purposes, both medicinal and recreational. The research paper will major on marijuana which is also known as cannabis, sativa or bhang in other countries. Marijuana is a hyper reactive dug which can be taken through smoking, inhalation, sublingual or topical ingestion into the body. Each of the four methods had varied effects and characteristics that makes it preferred and appropriate for the consumer. Marijuana can be used for medicinal or recreational purposes.

The reason for researching on Marijuana is because of the controversies and the debates that have been in existence on whether to legalize the drug or not. Perhaps it because there are different reasons for its impact on human health and the economy of the country thus the divided stands on legalization. Many young people are using marijuana both on the open or hiding it thus there is need to find the reasons behind the increasing numbers of the marijuana abusers. Many argue that legalizing marijuana has a positive impact on the community but some consider this as a lie. Also there is an increased curiosity to understand on the various forms of taking marijuana and why people prefer one way to the other since all these forms are available in the market.

Conclusively, marijuana is not only an issue in the united states but also in the other countries worldwide. It is so alarming on the increased use of the drug worldwide. Some countries have managed to reduce the rates at which marijuana is taken for recreational purposes thus it is good to understand what other countries are doing. Marijuana is not only an individual concern but also a public health concern.

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