Search on the APUS Library Databases and find at least four (4) peer-reviewed nursing research articles related to your topic (Two (2) articles on pathology of the disease, One (1) article on genetic component of the disease, and One (1) on pharmacogenomics or personalized medicine for treatment).
October 23, 2018
Describe the actual steps taken to implement your capstone project
October 23, 2018

This section requires a description of the learning objectives and anticipated outcomes associated with your Capstone project.

Help me finish my capstone paper. These are the two areas that still need to be addressed in the paper. Below is a copy of how to complete the entire paper in sections. Please help.

Evidence Summary

This involves a narrative discussion summarizing the five scholarly sources that were reviewed. The Evidence Summary should not be an Annotated Bibliography (separate critique) of the five sources. Instead, it should identify the areas where consensus among the various authors of the sources exists. The findings, positions, and recommendations included in your Evidence Summary should be consistent with the recommendations you are proposing for your Capstone project. This section will require the use of in-text citations using each of the five sources. A reference list for the evidence summary in APA format that includes five scholarly, peer-reviewed sources that were published within the last five years will be included in the References section of the paper. Remember, this evidence summary is your preliminary support for your project. Be sure your support is adequate.

and adding more to this section Barriers to Implementation

This section involves a discussion about potential barriers you may encounter with the implementation of your project. This discussion may include ways you plan to address or mitigate the potential barriers.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

NOTEThis section only applies to Education Specialty track students. This section requires a description of the learning objectives and anticipated outcomes associated with your Capstone project. For example, you will need to identify objectives and outcomes if you are planning an education offering, training module, simulation, training exercise, return demonstration activity, new or revised course or curriculum. Learning objectives and outcomes should be articulated in clear and concise terms. In-text citations may be required to support your chosen objectives and outcomes.


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