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The use of internet has grown so much in the recent years. Up until the mid and almost late 90s, when the popularity of the internet had exploded, people were relying on traditional ways of getting things done. Currently, we turn to the internet in order to accomplish those same things however in a more modern way. This paper will compare and contrast the life before the internet versus after the internet.

The first example of how things have changed from life before the internet to life after the internet is how people communicate. Before the internet, the norm was writing letters to ones family and friends who live far away from them. People would often sit down with a pen and paper and put down what they wanted these people to know. They would then put the letter into an envelope, fix a stamp and put it into a mailbox. The letter would take days to be delivered depending on the exact location the letter was being delivered. Once the person got the letter, they would use the same procedure to reply. This means that it would take long before passing information from one person to the other. After the internet communication has become easy and fast. Today, one can sit down and type out an email with the information they want to send. Upon clicking the send button the email will reach whoever it is intended instantly. This means that information will be conveyed within a very short period of time. However, a similarity between writing letters before and emails now is that the same amount of time is used. Whether it took one to construct their thoughts in a letter for an hour, the same amount of time will be used by the person to express their thoughts using in an email (Forgarty, 2010).We can also say that conversations have changed from when there was no internet to now when people are using the internet. Conversations have also changed as technology has progressed it is not just by a mere shift from letters to emails. The difference can be termed more as upgrading. In the past, the only way one could hold a live conversation with someone else in a different location was through making a call over the phone. If someone wanted to inform their boss they were not going to report to work, they had the option of picking up the phone and calling them to covey this information. With the internet one has more options to use, in addition to a phone conversation one can use instant messengers through the computer to chat. There is also the development of skype, face me feature in some phones that enable people to make video calls.

When there was no internet, the only way we could get to learn about the events of the day was from newspapers and news. People often read news papers in the morning and rushed home in the evening to catch a glimpse of the news from their TV. By the time information reached people it was several hours old. However, with the internet people no longer rely on newspapers and evening news to be aware of what is going on. Today, people are able to get news at any time of the day from websites that relay news as it happens. This has led to the dissemination of information in real time. In fact, today we get to find out what is happening in the world easily as compared to the past (Camacho, 2010).

Students in this current internet era have an advantage over the students who went through school when there was no internet. In the past, if a student wanted to research for information on an assignment, they would have to go to the library. They would peruse through books, newspapers, magazines and other printed materials. With the internet, a student just needs to type some words or phrases and conduct a search over the internet. Just like that they have access to information at their fingertips unlike in the past. However, students are still tasked with the duty of ensuring that they pick only information that is relevant just as it was when there was no internet.

Overall, we can say that the world ahs gone through a change after the internet. Therefore we can say that life is a lot different when we compare when there was no internet and now that there is internet.


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