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There is no Hope of Doing Perfect Research, the very essence of the process is imperfectResearch is a term commonly used to refer to the fetching of information and investigations carried out on a certain topic from different sources such as books, people, the Internet, journals, newspaper articles, among other sources of information. As it follows, knowledge and the information present on a certain matter is far from perfect, and that is the reason why it is necessary for new innovation, inventions, discoveries, and up- gradations after studies have been completed and published. Research involves searching for information that is already available in the minds of researchers or in print. Researchers have to find this information through a number of ways, and they have to depend on a numerous sources, but all in all, most studies are accomplished under the basis of trial and error, and this is what is commonly referred to as the research process. As the name indicates, this process is marred with numerous inaccuracies, errors, misunderstandings and mistakes, without which the essence of a real process of research can never be attained. As one develops a subject from scratch; therefore, the process in its development encounters notable failures. As it is, saying that it is possible to conduct a perfect research is absurd and even incorrect because the very essence of the process is imperfection.

One thing that we are all aware of and that has caused much controversy and furthered doubts that perfect studies can ever exist is the controversy that relates to the third law of motion formulated by Newton. This controversy came about after the Bernoulli, another scientist, carried out a similar study but came up with different results. Newton’s study was on principles guiding motion while Bernoulli’s was on the principles governing the conservation of energy, which is also controversial to the third law of motion by Newton. Both of the researchers through their surveys have gotten results and formulated theories that justifies why airplanes are able to fly and stay in the air without falling. The third law of motion by Newton states that, for any act, there is a reaction that is either opposite or equal (Dole and Lewis 143). On the other hand, the theory of conservation of energy by Bernoulli states that air that moves faster creates a pressure that is low and that the converse also applies (McCormick, Papadakis and Asselta 46).

The Bernoulli principle is controversial to the law of motion, and this is enough proof that research is never perfect. Research, therefore, is a process that never ends. It is also a process that is continuous and evolves in a manner that one researcher uses the conclusions made by another to conclude and make some entirely new findings. There happenings that have taken place that have proven numerous studies wrong. Had such researches been perfect and complete, there is a possibility that a necessity would not occur to repeat the same study. In fact, one of the main reasons why I conclude that there can never be a perfect research or study is that research usually makes use if a conclusion that was in existence and that which had been formulated by another researcher to make or base the conclusions of a present research. As such, there is no and there, can never be a perfect research.

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