Explain the e-ERP system implementations in the organisation
March 3, 2019
Analyze the similarities and differences in the primary beliefs held by major religious traditions and the cultures in which these religions evolved.
March 3, 2019



You will select a playwright (a person who writes plays) who has been active within the last 30 years (so, has written a play between 1989 and now). You will read one of the plays written by this playwright (also written within the last 30 years, a published one-act or full length, no 10-minute plays) and you will research the life of the playwright. You will create a one-page informational sheet about your playwright that will be made available to the rest of your classmates. Be sure that this is a new playwright, not one of the playwrights selected for this course, including future assignments.

You will need to provide:

· This should be one full page, single-spaced, but need not be more.

· A citation (MLA) for the script you read. The citation should be for a physical book, even if you read it online. If the script is available online, please ALSO include a link to where you read it.

· Basic biographical information for your playwright (Place of birth, age, gender, education, and any other information you deem relevant).

· Include any trends in the playwright’s work: does the playwright frequently engage similar themes? Does the playwright frequently tell the stories of certain groups of people? Or draw from his/her own life? What is the typical style the playwright engages?

· A one-paragraph summary of the play that you read.

· Be sure to cite all of your sources in MLA.

A few notes:

· You MAY NOT use a playwright we are reading in this course. Check the syllabus for this list.

· Focus should be given to the playwright, not the play. The play merely serves as an example of the playwright’s work.

· Play titles should be italicized.

· Wikipedia is not a source! It is open-sourced so the information cannot be trusted to be accurate. It can be helpful as a place to find more sources, but it should not be your final destination for information.

· I encourage you to select a playwright you identify with, either someone with a similar background as you, or who deals with issues about which you are passionate. Find a playwright you can get excited about!

· The UGL and the library website have MANY scripts available. The internet is also filled with content. You are not required to purchase a script. A good place to look for scripts is the website Playscripts, which lets you read scripts for free! Also, check out the Humana Festival collections, Dramatists Play Services, and Samuel French, even the production calendar or past seasons! But, you must read the script. Attending the play will not suffice for this assignment.

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