The Prototype and prototype Budget

  • The Prototype and prototype Budget

I would require about $250 to pay the workers who will have to have the required skills and knowledge about their field of study. For the raw materials, I might end up spending about $1500 to accumulate and purchase enough materials for the project.

I will also require some Aggregation that might total $300 to fund other activities of the project.



  1. Recommendations

Placing into consideration the above findings, prototype and the consequent analysis it is revealed that actually the project is feasible. I would highly recommend the proposed solution as it offers a chance for the elderly to effectively carry out their day to day duties without the much hustle they experience. Moreover, fatal risks and accidents they are prone to will be significantly minimized, as the robots will ensure their safety. Another major benefit the buyer of the robots may enjoy is saving up on costs that are incurred in hiring people to help and look after them or even paying for a home.

Considering the projected cost and benefits below it becomes evident that the buyer of the technology will get a profit of $2970 per robot sold at a market price of $17, 820.

The Social Cost Benefit Analysis

Some of the additional benefits involved include the fact that the resultant robots will help the society to become a better place by freeing up most of the helpers times while at the same time helping the elderly people find new reasons to smile daily.

Moreover, people would stop seeing the elderly as a burden but value them for their wisdom and unequivocal insight. The technology would be a significant addition to the lives of many who would be able to go through their day to day activities without continuously seeking the assistance of other people.

Fatal risks and accidents that the elderly are prone to will be significantly reduced as the robots will ensure their safety. The elderly will no longer have to risk walking down stairways on their own or use appliances that may hurt them. The robot will be like a personal guide and helper to many activities it can be programed to participate in with the elderly.

  1. Conclusion

So far, the main idea has proven to be workable. It is however evident that the future will have even much more in store for the progressive actions made so far in the designing and construction of the robots. However, the better placed business entities manufacturing these robots will benefit from having a first-hand experience in dealing with the robot business. It is therefore advisable to potential buyers that they should take the opportunity of sharing in the potential future success.


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