2-3 pages per question fully explained in detail using this source and cite when usedhttp://constitutionus.com/1. A state statute empowered public school officials to suspend students for up to ten days without any notice or hearing. A student who was suspended for ten days challenges the constitutionality of his suspension on the ground that he was denied due process. Was Due Process denied? Why?Explain due process and how it appliesExplain the types of due process if any and how it applies hereDoes the student have the right to do this, was there a fair procedure?Was due process denied if so explain whyExplain fully1. The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) is charged with the regulation of all things which emit or receive radio signals. State A enacts a law which states that all remote garage door openers must “generate a signal no more 1.5mhz in strength.” The FCC requires such signals to be a minimum of 2.5 mhz in size. The state law was enacted to combat the growing health problems associated with the use of such systems. Which law is valid?

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