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The Great Depression


Keene, J. D., Cornell, S., & O’Donnell, E. T. (2017). Visions of America: A history of the United States. Boston: Pearson.


Chapter 20: The Great War: World War I, 1914–1918.

Chapter 21: A Turbulent Decade: The Twenties.

Chapter 22: A New Deal for America: The Great Depression, 1929–1940.

Chapter 23: World War II: Fighting the Good War, 1939–1945.


What were the underlying causes of the depression? Why did the Great Depression of the 1930s seem so much worse than any occurring either before or since? Can you see any modern parallels to the Great Depression? Please Elaborate.

Please use APA format, proper citation, references.

References must 1 from textbook and 1 scholarly resource.


The Great Depression not only affected the United States but Europe as well. It is still noted as the most severe depression recorded in history (, n.d.). “The Great Depression began in the United States but quickly turned into a worldwide economic slump owing to the special and intimate relationships that had been forged between the United States and European economies after World War I” (, n.d., para. 3). The economic distress that the United States experienced resulted in the election of Franklin Delano Roosevelt after having Herbert Hoover as president who really thought that the Depression would dissolve itself and that no assistance for the sufferers was needed. This week you will discuss what was the causes of the depression during the 1930s and what made this event so much worse than any other economic event in history.

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