The Civil Rights Movement

The Civil Rights Movement PART VI: THE BLACK REVOLUTIONChapter 21: The Freedom Movement, 1954-19651. What key issues and events led the federal government to intervene in the civil rights movement? What were the major pieces of legislation enacted, and how did they dismantle legalized segregation?2. What were the ideologies, objectives, and tactics of the major civil rights organizations and their leaders?3. What were the major successes and failures of the freedom movement? What intergenerational tensions plagued the movement? How did the movement transform American politics and society?Chapter 22: The Struggle Continues, 1965-19804. Why did African American residents of Watts, Newark, and Detroit rebel in 1965-1966? What did these rebellions suggest about the value of the civil rights movement victories?5. In what ways can the presidency of Richard Nixon be considered progressive? Which reforms initiated by President Lyndon B. Johnson did Nixon advance once he took office? White Backlash and Black Politics Chapter 23: Black Politics, White Backlash, 1980 to Present6. To what extent and in what key areas did the Reagan and Bush presidencies nullify or dismantle Great Society legislation? How did African Americans respond to the era of conservative Republican policies? What are the main arguments of black conservative ideology?7. Why did affirmative action become one of the most contested issues of the 1990s? How did affirmative action in the workplace differ from affirmative action in education?Chapter 24: African Americans at the Dawn of a New Millennium8. What social, economic, and material gains did African Americans make after the 1980s? Why did some black Americans do better than other African Americans during this period?9. What are the goals of the Afrocentricity movement? Why do you think so many black intellectuals oppose Afrocentricity? Why has Louis Farrakhan been such a controversial figure?10. Why has the church remained so important to African Americans? How are womens roles changing in the black church? How could it be argued that Barack Obama represents a transformation in black elected offi

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