Teaching service users about medicines and about particular conditions increases compliance with prescriptions.

Teaching service users about medicines and about particular conditions increases compliance with prescriptions.Assignment (detailed breakdown) You should consider the following within your assignment:
Introduction (750 words approx.) LO 3 weighting 25{b347ee882963fc078925bef44838eb079b614d3dde11dc0714b595823c2ade58}
• Identify the research statement/research question that you have selected.
• Indicate why this statement is relevant to contemporary nursing practice.
• Literature search and discussion of literature
• Conduct a literature search that is clearly focused on your research statement/question.
• Explain how you carried out your literature search.

• Explain why you have selected the chosen two papers, and why you have not selected the others

• One study must be qualitative and one quantitative
Present a critical appraisal of two research studies, (1750 words approx.)
LO 1 and 2, weighting 50{b347ee882963fc078925bef44838eb079b614d3dde11dc0714b595823c2ade58}
• In relation to your research statement/question discuss the strengths and limitations of the research methods in the papers you are appraising.
• You should use a framework to critique these papers, e.g. CASP. You should explain why you chose this framework and reference it.

• Remember that the focus is on demonstrating your understanding of the studies, how they were carried out and their findings in relation to the research statement/question.

• Do not simply describe each study or say Yes or No to the questions in the CASP tool. Concentrate on the strengths and weaknesses of the studies.
Conclusion (500 words approx.) LO 4 weighting 25{b347ee882963fc078925bef44838eb079b614d3dde11dc0714b595823c2ade58}



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