Assignment 1: Discussion—Opportunities, Risks, and Challenges of Emerging Markets





From my university experience a SWOT analysis can be carried out on two opportunities and threats concerning the completion of my degree. The two opportunities include high market of employment for students taking my course in many communications companies. Another opportunity is that there is chance given for further external scholarship for students who gets first class in the particular course I pursued. The threats include low chance of employment in the same communication companies for graduates who have not gone through internship with any of the communication companies. The next threat is that the communication companies give employment based of best performance, meaning that getting lower grade will imply low chances of employment while at the same time missing external scholarship.

My vision statement

My vision is to become a senior professor in my area of academic.

Core values

My core values include commitment, handwork and good morals in everything I undertake and high respect for others.

Core purpose for attending college

The core purpose is to acquire high level skills that will enable me be self dependent and a mentor to others too.

Description of thought process in performing SWOT analysis

The assessment of Strengths and weaknesses, and opportunities and Threats is the most known and extensive mediator in strategic marketing and planning in management issues (Ayub et al., 2013). In the opportunities above, the success of achieving them, whether, getting a job with the communication company or getting external scholarship will depend on my performance which on the other hand depends on how I manage my time of study for better performance. Time management in this case will involve planning on how to spend my time in the university as away of overcoming future challenge/threat of missing the job or scholarship. But better performance will also require me to evaluate my areas of weaknesses in terms of study so that I can give more time to those areas for balanced result.

This will imply that failure to perform well to the required standard, and then I will have the challenge of facing all the two threats mentioned above. This is because all the threats and opportunities are dependent on the final outcome of academic result. As a result I will have to fall either in the category of either facing the threats or choosing between the two opportunities in terms of comparison depending on how I plan and manage my time. The same opportunities and threats that are dependent on final results will thus affect other student’s thought processes who are taking the same course owing to the fact that this is a competition process which is an academic oriented.


Ayub, A., Razzaq, A., Aslam, M. S., & Iftekhar, H. (2013). A conceptual framework on evaluating SWOT analysis as the mediator in strategic marketing planning through marketing intelligence. European Journal of Business and Social Sciences, 2(1), 91-98.

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