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Upon attending the tutoring session, I engaged myself fully in the session by being attentive and asking the tutor some questions in order to participate fully and learn more. Among the questions I asked include what tools I could use during my studies to learn more and how I could apply critical thinking in answering course work questions. I also inquired about how to formulate a thesis and develop appropriate thesis statements when writing essays. The session provided me with valuable interpersonal, communication, and listening skills. The tutorial session made me discover a new understanding of concepts that helped me enrich my academic studies. In addition, I learned how to explain various concepts in a multitude of ways to accord with my learning style. It also taught me how to hone my communication skills since I may have to explain complex theories in more straightforward language. The session helped to gain experience when networking with other students and professors.

I am confident that the tutoring skills I learned from the tutoring session made me a qualified employer in the near future. Such skills include empathy, positivity, confidentiality, active listening, leadership, communication, and technical knowledge. The session was more effective in a way that it helped increase my attitude and motivation to reach full academic potential. Apart from that, it was more effective in a way that it taught me to think critically about problems and how to solve them. These skills will always help me to face and overcome challenges faced during my studies. During the session, I was given a chance to participate fully by asking questions or commenting. I think the session was more effective.

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