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Steps Taken in Twin Lake Mining Company

After several complaints from the people of Tamarack about pollution being caused by Twin Lakes mining company, the management of the firm received a warning of closure of their premises by the City council. The company was given two options; either to help the government in cleaning up or quit their production services. The management of Twin lakes, together with council members agreed to set up a meeting, where both were to discuss on the plans of eliminating the problem of pollution. This paper explains the two cases and gives an analysis on how the change should be done based on the interests of the people.

As a Representative of City Council

The committee is fighting hard to ensure that the quality of water has been made better, where they are trying to come up with the best solution to improve the state. As a member of the city council, I would suggest that the city increases the taxes paid by the people, so that some cash may be left for helping the company in cleaning the water sources as they consider the firm as an important asset to the people of Minnesota hence the burden cannot be left for the company alone (Gupta, 45). Bonds paid by the company should also be regulated, to ensure that no side has been taken in considering the two situations so that they can spare the financial state of the firm. Having an access to a nearby university should be an advantage to the city, where I would suggest that some funds be set aside to pay for services which the engineering students would partake in purification of water sources for the people.

Air pollution is also another complain which the people have addressed, thus I would suggest that the city consider shifting all the roads which are near the company, in order to keep people away from the effects of emissions (Game, 728). At the same time, the city council should also consider the lives of people living near those roads, as they will be affected during the constructions processes. I would suggest that the council take a deep research on the safest methods of switching the roads and also pending enough money to compensate people who would lose homes or workplaces due to the sudden change of ideas. As a committee, I would suggest we consider the amount of taxes which the company pays for its land (Gupta, 45). I would suggest that we look into the profits that the company makes, so that we can consider the amount of tax the firm should pay without causing any loss for the firm. The city should have in their minds that the company is a benefit to whole of Minnesota; hence they should rather support its operations but not limiting them. A considerate amount of tax should be levied on the firm for owning the lands. The money should be used in these processes which the committee is planning about curbing the pollution problem.

As a Member of Top Management of Twin Lakes Company

Bearing in mind that the city cannot afford to pay for the purification of water source alone, I would suggest to the whole management of Twin Lakes to consider sparing some amount of money to help the city in paying those students who are ready to develop a nice plan of changing the quality of water (Mills, 420). The firm should think of buying securities from the city such as bonds which will improve the financial status of the company thus giving a hand on purification.

On improvement of air quality, I would suggest to the management that they abide on the agreed amount of money of putting up a plan of reducing emissions from the company’s manufacturing processes. The firm should be aware that they are responsible for the pollution going on, thus they should be ready to collaborate with the city in ensuring that proper control is taken upon this issue. On paving roads, I would suggest to the committee that we share the costs of these constructions considering that it’s our fault that the city is being forced to move the roads. On the issue of ownership of land, I would propose to the management that we make complaints on reduction of some of the taxes the city has been putting on the company (Game, 728). The city has imposed high taxes upon the company hence I would suggest a reduction to be done on the annual rate set for the firm. Lastly I would suggest to the rest of management to decline the taxes imposed on the company as a result of road improvement as that should be a role played by the firm.

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