-subject is 32541 Project Management-task : Guest Management System Project (has been attached)-The writer must be an projects manger major with knowledge of Project Management-It is (very important) to look at instrauction and read Assignment carefully.-(The template has been attached) and you must write in the template and according to template.-(be careful) about plagiarism and similarity-Turnitin can only indicate where and when a text appears similar to another text.-here we need a complete report (Final report) according to template.-for (Guest Management System Project)focus on :1:Stakeholder Management Strategy and Communication PlanThe Stakeholder Management Strategy should include a Stakeholder Register, Stakeholder Prioritisation Grid showing +ve and –ve influences and a Stakeholder Communication Plan. •2-Scope Statement and WBSThe scope statement should include but is not limited to the following: Project Objectives, goals, needs, Assumptions, Deliverables, Milestones, limits, exclusions etc and the work breakdown structure deliverable should include a hierarchical diagram representing the activities needed to complete the project and a WBS dictionary.3-Network DiagramThis deliverable should include a table listing the activities of the project (generated from the WBS deliverable), the predecessor(s) of each activity and the duration of each activity. The deliverable should also include a Precedence diagram showing the critical path as well as a Gantt chart of the activities.4-Risk Register and Risk Treatment PlanIn this deliverable the group should prepare a risk register and a risk treatment plan. The scales and severity matrix to be used for determining the severity of each risk will be provided in the class slides of the risk lecture.5- Histograms of two (2) human resourcePrepare a list of all the resources needed to complete the project both human and nonhuman resources. Choose two types of human resources and prepare a resource histograms for them. Level the resource usage for the resources that you choose.6- Cost of project(a) Prepare an initial ‘top-down’ budget must be realistically allocated to key project phases/activities/deliverables;(b) Prepare a detailed breakdown of the project cost (bottom-up), cumulative cost curve (Scurve of the project).(c) Outcomes of the cross-validation are to be discussed and recommendations made (e.g. are there differences? Is initial budget too high/low? Should a formal request for budget increase/decrease be made? Should a contingency fund be established? Etc.)-You are expected to base your report on the template provided. Many organisations provide templates for use, for example for tender documents. It makes comparison (or in this case marking) of reports easier-The final report should include, but is not limited to, the following details:• Stakeholder Management Plan, Communication Plan, Scope statement, WBS, program of works, activity network diagrams, critical path(s), durations estimates, risk register etc. Detailed financial estimates for the construction of the house, including (material labour, equipment), in addition to cumulative cost curves, management and administrative effort and costs, overheads and expected profit etc.• Project reports generated from typical project management electronic tools (e.g., Microsoft Project, OmniPlan, Merlin, Primavera, etc.) must be included in the report. Hand drawn graphs and diagrams are not acceptable for the final report.General Notes• Only use Facts• Do not make things up (suburbs, people, experiences etc.)• Document all revisions and changes• Use the weekly deliverables feedback sheet as a checklist of your deliverable.• Remember you are preparing a project management plan, not a sales/ marketing pitch-you must write in the template and according to template (has been attached)

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