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July 13, 2019
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July 13, 2019

Social Workers And The LGBTQ Population And Advocacy, Internationally

View the attached document. The attached document contains the paper detailed requirements, information sources, references, and APA paper headings and outline.

Submit a 2-3 page reaction to this statement of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW). Describe what you think is the role of social workers in equal rights and access to LGBTQ populations. Next provide a detailed explanation of your reaction to the United Nations Address on Global LGBT Rights. Then, explain why, in the context of practicing social work in North America, it is important for us to acknowledge and address sexual orientation and gender diversity of marginalized populations across the world. Explain the role of social workers on an international level in relation to the rights of the LGBTQ community. Identify specific skills and actions you would employ as an advocate.

Follow APA format. Must have 5 – 6 references and citations from the provided reference sources.

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