Facebook is an important social media platform in the lives of many people throughout the world. It is a platform that most of us logs in to interact with people across the world and we get an opportunity to get to know what is happening in real time. The use of Facebook has increased to billions of people and the amount of information people have opted to share out there in their lives is quite alarming. Just last year, Mike Zuckerberg paws before the US Congress as he needed to explain how Facebook aided Cambridge Analytica in obtaining peoples information. Although many agree that social media has been of huge impact, many people are also of the consensus of the numerous negative impacts that Facebook has had on top of the list being as it led to people getting severe polarized in key issues including the election. According to a research article by Serena Coppolino, et. Al on Computer in Human Behavior, they clearly portray the polarization due to use of social network platforms (Perfumi, et.al, 2019).



Perfumi, S. C., Bagnoli, F., Caudek, C., & Guazzini, A. (2019). Deindividuation effects on normative and informational social influence within computer-mediated-communication. Computers in human behavior, 92, 230-237.


Perfumi, Serena Coppolino, et al. “Deindividuation effects on normative and informational social influence within computer-mediated-communication.” Computers in human behavior 92 (2019): 230-237.

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