Social Media Ad Review Essay

2-3 pages, APA format (no abstract needed). For this assignment, you will choose a social media ad and review it for its persuasive appeals. The type of ad that you choose should be a video that an individual or group created with endorsement/sponsorship from a particular brand. These ads are common on Youtube, Instagram, TikTok etc. and are usually accompanied by a hashtag #ad. You can search this tag on social media to help you narrow it down. For this assignment, make sure to choose an ad that is in video format with at least one speaker. Do not choose an ad that is just a picture with a company tagged in the caption. You will write a 2-page analysis of the content. For this assignment, follow the writing guide below. Paragraph 1(Introduction):Describe the ad you’ve chosen (what platform did you see it on, what does it include, what is being marketed to the audience?) Do you believe the speaker to be effective? Why?Paragraphs 2-4:Analysis of the speaker’s delivery style and potential target audienceWhat kind of post/video was this and how does it fit with the individual’s existing content?How much and in what ways does the speaker use their body (elaborate gestures, imitation, props) to work through the information?How much and in what ways do they use their voice (tone, volume, pitch, rate, pauses) to work through the information?Paragraph 5:Who do you think is the intended audience for this ad?Do you think this individual is an effective public speaker? Why or why not? In other words, is the ad convincing?What indicators are there that this ad is effective (comments, views, likes, etc)?*Be sure to include a citation of the post or video you’ve chosen.

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