“Proposal Critique”
March 4, 2019
Introduction includes statements on the process of concept analysis, identifies the nursing concept and nursing theory from which it was obtained, and relates the main topics of the paper. A list of possible concepts is provided below. A substantive discussion of each of the following elements is present. All elements are supported by scholarly literature
March 4, 2019

situation analysis.

You have been engaged by Helix management to develop recommendations to help improve communication within the company. As a consultant, you are in a position to objectively observe the communication dynamics in this organization and make recommendations based on industry best practices.

Each part of this assignment is worth 30%.

Part 1: The first task is to perform a situation analysis. What are the communication weaknesses that are affecting Helix’s performance, both internally and externally? (500 words maximum)

Part 2: Conduct a stakeholder analysis using the attached matrix. For each section of the matrix, include bullet points or sentence descriptions. Include the matrix in the final assignment. Do the matrix for 5-8 stakeholders. (500 words maximum – the words included in the matrix will fulfill this requirement, you do not need to write additional content)

Part 3: Year 1 Communication Plan (in expanded outline form — 500-600 words maximum)

The next step is to design a communication plan to help Helix achieve its business objective. The business objective is to align all employees with the company’s strategic direction. 

  • Describe 2-3 target audiences and influencers for the stated business objective (in bold above) based on your stakeholder analysis matrix.
  • For each target audience,  describe one communication objective intended to support the business objective (where is the focus: KNOW, THINK, FEEL, DO, etc.?). Include the principles of persuasion you will apply to support your strategy.
  • Identify one communication tactic/activity that will help achieve each communication objective, the channel(s) you’ll use, and success indicator(s). 

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