Services and Duties of Student

Services and Duties of Student

Guide students to abide by civilized behavior and appearance adequate and appropriate systems and traditions of the university through field-based guidance on the basis of openness to the students. Providing the necessary service during the period Of examinations, in order to help students, and relieve stress on them, and provide guidance to them. Follow-up disciplinary procedures and their application in accordance with regulations adopted by the rules of the University.

Student services (A) Academic services 1- Student help desk The Student Help Desk is a planned program aiming at helping the students to achieve the psychological harmony and adjustment to the University environment and to attain progress in their studies. The Department of Student Affairs offers many services to the students through the Student Help Desk such as, formulating guidance plan, a-group of the University advisers to answer the several enquiries of the student about the Arab Open University and its different programs.

The Student Help Desk converts some of the telephone calls to the tutors or the academic professors concerned or the coordinators of the open programs. Also, supervises the students during their presence whether inside the computer labs or the halls designed for other learning resources. 2- Student guiding and Orientation Day This program regulates at the beginning of the academic year where new students meet the faculty and administrative members in the university.

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