Select A Short Conference Paper Involving T-Tests

Perform a literature-search of aviation related conference proceedings and select a short empirical conference paper (no more than 5 – 10 pages in length) to critique. Upload that article in pdf format for review along with your written assignment.

Summarize the study being discussed in your article and identify:

The independent and dependent variables.
What type of data is being collected.
What type of design is being used.
What type of statistical analysis is being employed.
In addition:
Do you agree with the researcher’s work?
Would you have selected a different design and statistical analysis for this research?
Justify your position with the information from your required readings from this module.
Use outside, reputable references also. For additional criteria, see rubric.
Paper Formatting Requirements

Formatting: Follow APA formatting, including title and reference pages.
Page Requirement: Paper should be a maximum of 4 pages (APA format not including title page, abstract, or reference section).
Citations: Paper should contain reputable citations in addition to your selected conference paper if necessary to back up your statements and facts.
References: All references are properly cited.

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