s What is the current decision-making process?

In your presentation, address What is the current decision-making process?


Management Bios

Bill Morrison, Director of Production—Morrison joined UWCI as Director of Production in 2002 and spends half of his time onsite at the production facility in Shenzhen, China. Prior to UWCI, he was the Purchasing Manager for Markham Instruments. Morrison graduated with a BS in Electrical Engineering from Rutgers University.

Sam Hook, President—President since 1992, Hook began his career at UWCI in sonar equipment sales in 1985. He has a BS in Business Administration from Notre Dame.

Rosie Stevens, Manager, Hardware Design—Stevens joined UWCI after leaving Apple to move closer to her family in the Midwest. Stevens graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a degree in Industrial Design.

Zac Phillips, VP of Sales—Phillips started at UWCI as a National Account Manager in 2000 and became VP of Sales in 2006. Before joining the company, he was a category manager for camping gear at REI. Pryor has a BA in History from UCLA.

Jake Smith, Director of Design & Development —Smith joined UWCI in 2003 after working in product development at Suunto, Motorola, and Research in Motion. He has a degree in Industrial Design from Northwestern University and an MBA from USC.

Katya Hart, Executive Vice President—Hart was promoted to Executive VP in 2014. She began her UWCI career in 1996 and has worked in both Sales and Production. She was instrumental in shifting production from Taiwan to Shenzhen, China. Hart has an MBA from the University of Michigan.

Kate Robinson, CFO—Robinson was promoted to Controller in late 2007. She has been in the Accounting department at UWCI since 1993. Robinson is a CPA and graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in Accounting.

Clark Miu, Manager, Software & Firmware Design—Miu has been in software development at UWCI since 1998, and he was promoted to Manager in early 2007. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a BS in Computer Science.

Frank Wabash, VP of Design & Development—Wabash was a co-founder of UWCI in 1977. His background in engineering and design enabled him to develop much of the company’s key sonar equipment products in the 1980s. Since 1991, Wabash has served in a supervisory and advisory role for the Design & Development team.

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