RPTM 300Y Fall 2022


Think About This (see CANVAS for further details and rubric)

This is an individual activity. Your overall answer to the questions below must be 500-700 words. The word requirement will be strictly enforced in accordance with the grading rubric. Make sure to number your answers based on the questions.

1. In this week’s lecture, Dr. Hunt referenced four key stakeholder groups in the tourism system: tourists, businesses, host governments, and local communities. How does Doug Lansky describe each of these stakeholder groups in his TEDx talk? (approximately 100 words)

2. At one point, Lansky say, “they took their eye off the ball.” To what and to whom is he referring? (approximately 100 words)

3. Later, Lansky refers to growing tourism by limiting it. What is he referring to with that expression? (approximately 100 words)

4. Lansky concludes by referring to DMOs. The article linked above also refers to DMOs. Explain the two meanting of DMO and then provide three (3) key takeaways or lessons you learned about DMOs from this TEDx talk and article? You must consider key takeaways and lessons learned from the perspective of at least 2 of the key stakeholder groups. (approximately 300 words)


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