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July 13, 2019
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July 13, 2019

Role play and Q&A

Instructions Part A: Role Play

  1. Arrange a time to meet with your assessor and two classmates (playing the role of team members) to participate in this roleplay.
  2. You will each take turns playing the role of the Business Operations Manager who is required to explain following XYZ Continuous Improvement plans, processes or procedures that you developed in the Scenario-based Project to the other two students (playing the role of team members).
  3. Your roleplay discussion must include the following: o Communication plan o Training plan o Continuous improvement and Sustainability information o Continuous improvement feedback procedure o Business performance monitoring procedure
  4. Your role play should commence with an overview of your XYZ Company Continuous Improvement Strategy and you must ensure the employees understand the importance of continuous improvement to the business.
  5. During the roleplay when you are playing the role of a team member 1. ask questions to the Operations Manager to confirm understanding of the plan

and strategies 2. provide feedback to the Operations Manger regarding the plan and strategies

discussed. Part B: Question and answers Q1. Explain what a quality system is and its role in maintaining continuous improvement within an organisation. Q2. Explain how a knowledge management system can assist an organisation in its continuous improvement processes. Q3. Describe the benefits of regularly analysing performance.

Q4. Outline the Six Sigma continuous improvement model and explain how it can be used to measure performance. Q5. Explain why it is essential that an organisation captures information on continuous improvement processes and incorporates them into its knowledge management system. Q6. When considering areas that have been identified for further improvement, explain how continuous improvement systems relate to other systems in an organisation. Q7. Describe how an organisation’s systems and procedures can be used to support continuous improvement process. Provide three examples. Q8. Explain how technology such as computers can be used to support continuous improvement. Provide three examples.

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